JBAR data is posted at the JBAR Cafe' (in the MEMBERS ONLY menu) and will be posted on Tuesdays (reflecting up to Mondays trading) and Thursdays (reflecting up to Wednesdays closing trades). WJP which is published on Mondays will reflect JBAR data (among all the other things we post in WJP) up to the previous Fridays trading. This means you get JSE breadth data for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

JBAR has no commentary, the investor must interpret what he/she is seeing them-self. Of course, all the JBAR charts are extensively commented on by our analysts in the WJP on a weekly basis. Go through the JBAR Interpretation Tutorial to train yourself on reading and using JBAR. There is a free demo JBAR Report in a link in the next section, just read how to download and open it first.

We have yet to find a PDF converter that displays the JBAR graphics properly,  so JBAR is published as HTML files in a 2.4MB .ZIP folder. You must download the ZIP folder by clicking directly on the link we provide or by right-clicking on it and choosing SAVE AS to save it to your local PC.

If you clicked directly on the link, then after the download, a window will open to a temporary folder on your PC with the contents of the ZIP file displayed. If you used the SAVE-AS method then after the download, go to the folder where you saved the ZIP file and double-click on the ZIP file to have the contents displayed. For both methods you should see two files similar to the image below.

Do NOT attempt to double click on the HTML document from the zip folder as this will NOT work. You will just see an page with a whole lot of empty image place-holders.

You must now EXTRACT (unzip) these files. Look for the "Extract all files" command icon (you can see it in the above picture from a Vista PC but XP might display the icon on the left) and double click on it. You will be prompted for a destination folder to unzip the files to. It is recommended you create a fixed folder where you can regularly download your JBAR reports for viewing later on. One day when you want to reflect on all your trades ( a practice we recommend at least twice  a year) it will be nice to go and see what was being shown in JBAR on the day you bought or sold your shares.

Once you have extracted the files to your folder of choice and you open that folder you should see something almost identical to the above image, except of course the files are now unzipped. An HTML file is ALWAYS paired with an images folder of similar name contained all the pictures your browser will need to construct the JBAR report. (JBAR18SEP09_files in the above picture.). The HTML file and the images folder MUST be in the same directory and MUST be unzipped.

Now you can go and double-click on  JBARxxyyyzz.HTM file to open the report in your browser. You will see the charts are nice and big and easy to read with fine detail.

If you see blank image place-holders then you have tried to open the .HTM file from within the Windows/Explorer temporary directory without unzipping the JBAR files to a dedicated folder first, or your .HTM file is not in the same folder as the _files folder containing all the pictures. The problem is shown below:

Some users experience problems opening the file with their browser (if its not Windows Internet Explorer) so here is a solution that has been reported to us that works:

Right click on the .HTM file and choose "OPEN WITH" and select Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Subscribers have reported that this works well apart from some very slight alignment issues with the charts in Word (a Microsoft problem) but each chart displays perfectly and it is perfectly useable and readable.

GO ON AND TRY IT : Public file to demo JBAR to non-subscriber --> JBAR 18Aug09 Download Link
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