PowerStocks Research and their PowerStocks Labs unit are pleased to announce the commencement of the SUPERModel Composite Market Entry/Exit Timing System, 1 month ahead of schedule. We promised our subscribers a 31 year CAGR 25%+ JSE entry/exit timing system and we have done more. The SUPERModel is a composite model of the Repo Rate, Trendex and Reserve Bank Leading Economic Indicator timing models we have documented and backtested on this site. Even though it is a composite model it achieves an impressive outperformance of any one of its components :


The SUPERModel achieved 117,025% growth by only being invested in the JSE 47.7% of the time. It did not suffer a single period of losses nor a single wrong-way trade in the 31 year test period. Another unique aspect of the SUPERModel is that its signal line can be used as a predictor for future JSE returns.

We have begun publishing the SUPERModel Signal Line on the Weekly JSE Pulse page.