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Mindy Update

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Wednesday, February 17, 2010, In : Performance Update 
The top-6 Rebound Strategy Mindy candidates are doing rather nicely. Since 5th Feb, the JSE ALSH has risen 5.65% versus this portfolio which has risen 7.97%

We heard from some PRO subscribers that took out warrants and SSF's on some of these shares on the first B-signal and they are really smiling. Some investors used this opportunity to start their RiskCurves 5-share BLUECHIP portfolios with BIL, IMP and SOL. We were lacking gold exposure ourselves, since gold shares never seem to appear in a...
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New Mindy Candidates

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Monday, February 8, 2010, In : New Portfolio 
As the JSE has fallen another 4% since we last posted candidates, we have redone the exersise to ensure that when we get a trough signal you make decisions based on up to date information.

Click to download Excel Sheet

You will note a lot of resources shares listed at the top. Three of them are from our BLUECHIP portfolio, namely BIL, IMP and SOL, so this could be a nice time to load up on these when the trough turns.

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Mindy Candidates

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Monday, February 1, 2010, In : New Portfolio 
As we think Mindy's ground zero is just around the corner, here are the "Rebound Strategy" share picks. This strategy picks the biggest shares that have fallen the hardest since Peak Larry on the 11th January 2010.

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