Well we have all been waiting with baited breath to see how our diversified portfolio of "rebound" shares fared since hasty inception after that famous 7-to-1 decline-to-advances ratio event on 6th July. And the verdict is "Bloody marvelous!" But look - we do conceed that calling that bottom helped a LOT in the short term picture, nevertheless, mark our words we expect great things from this portfolio over time, even if you get in now as all these shares have SO MUCH recovering still to do.

You can be brave and dive in now (this market looks overheated but the advance/decline ratios and breadth bursts just keep powering it up and up) as there is the danger it never pulls back enough to justify waiting! Tough call, but at least our ADVANCE/DECLINE research paid off big time in helping us pick a bottom for these shares, as "rebounders" just love bottom turnaround points as that's when they rebound!