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The new JSE Share Watchlist (JSW) program shows all the JSE shares that qualify as candidates for the various share picking strategies, in addition to countless other information such as which shares are ready to BUY right now, etc.


Once you have found the shares you would like to buy then please ensure the following before committing funds to the market:
1.) Ensure the SUPERModel and LBYC long-term timing models are giving the "ALL-CLEAR".
2.) Ensure the Hedge Trader HT-1 strategy is not shorting the JSE and that C >=2
3.) Ensure the McClellan Summation Index is above zero and preferably trending upward.
4.) Look at the TroughFinder chart and ensure no A-Signal is showing!
5.) To be more safe, ensure there has been a recent TroughFinder BUY signal
6.) To be very safe, ensure there has been a recent BITS, STORM, QUANTUM or BIGDIPPER signal
7.) If you are overly cautious and patient, wait for one of the events in (6) and (7).
8.) Use JSW to check the shares trend score is at least 2 and its sincerity score at least 3

If you follow these rules and selected a share from one of our strategies, it should be very rare that your purchase declines in price or that you have to endure a correction or even minor consolidation over the near term. For more details on reducing your risks even further, go to the Market Timing Main Menu or read Reducing your Strategy Risk.

FAIS DISCLAIMER: Note that we are a research house and not registered brokers or financial advisors. The information contained in our correspondence, programs and publications does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person and is not to be construed as personalized investment advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act of 2002. Although we may answer general customer service questions, we are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular investment situation. Any investments or trades mentioned in our publications should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor or intermediary service and only after reviewing the prospectus and financial statements of the companies concerned. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers. We may have substantial positions in the securities shown in our programs or discussed in our publications and may increase or decrease such positions without notice. Buying and selling of shares on the JSE can be risky and you could lose all or part of your capital. Do not trade or invest with funds you can not afford to lose. Profits from share dealing are a form of income and subject to taxation.
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