TurboShares theory is rather simple and makes for an interesting experimental strategy on PowerStocks. 

Currently there are about 70 JSE shares appearing in 10 core strategies and 20 live model portfolios on our website.

TurboShares theory merely selects those 5 shares that appear in the most strategies. The idea is that this handful of shares gives an investor exposure to multiple PowerStocks strategies.

Since each share appears 3-10 times in various strategies the thinking is that these shares should perform well due to inheriting the various redeeming characteristics of all the strategies they appear in.

It's an interesting idea, and something we have not backtested yet (this would be extremely difficult) however over time we hope to build up a view of the performance of this strategy by implementing live portfolios throughout the year.

We currently run a number of TurboShares live model portfolios, the performance of which you can track from the SCOREBOARD menu. We also maintain a TurboShares Blog for our paid subscribers where we post new candidate lists each month as well as discuss the performance of the strategy and how it is evolving.
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