Welcome new ULTRA trader - fasten your seatbelt - you are one more step away from the exciting world of SwingTrader ULTRA!

You are strongly urged to read EVERYTHING on this whole page before diving into things.

We broadcast the live signal chart on the internet. You can access this by going to https://join.me/ and then typing in the 9-digit access code emailed/SMS'ed to you. This code changes from time to time, which will be communicated via SMS and email.

The signal is broadcast from 05H00 to 23H50, Monday to Friday. Over weekends, it is frozen on the last image for Friday.

You can save this link to your FAVOURITES in your browser, for easy repeated access, but you will need to change this favourite every time we change the nine digit code.

Once you have accessed the above link, the Join.Me dashboard will appear on the top of your screen.
You must then click on the little man with the head and shoulders (tagged with the red “A” in below picture) and edit the name at the top of the list (“B”) with your first name and surname.

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