Our "BLUECHIP" portfolio derived from our unique RiskCurves probability model research has set a new record today with a Sharpe of 6.5! The highest we have ever seen at PowerStocks is 3.5. Among the 5 shares making this portfolio, the average growth is 36% with a mere 5% standard deviation. Unbelievable. But then again, that exactly what was designed into it if your read our RiskCurves methodology.

You can use your subscriber password to gain access to the RiskCurves blog and see how the individual shares are performing. You will recall we derived the PowerStocks BlueChip Index (PBI) which is a proxy for the ALSH or the TOP-40 for those investors wishing to use timing strategies with an index that outperforms the JSE by on,ly having to buy 5 shares. Below is how the PBI has fared against the JSE since inception on 1 Jan 2004.