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JSE Trading Risk e-Book

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, In : New Research 
Our free "Managing 2014 JSE Trading Risk " e-Book has been downloaded over 1,600 times. 

This e-Book covers an innovative JSE daily short-term liquidity risk index that has a 75% success rate in warning of market corrections in advance and keeping short and medium term traders out of corrections and stock market crashes. It is particularly useful for those wishing to gauge JSE short to medium-term risk on the JSE when contemplating questions such as:
  1. How safe/risky is the JSE right now?
  2. How much...

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Site Updates

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Thursday, September 24, 2009, In : New Research 
The "How to use TroughFinder " HOW-TO page has been completely re-written with far more granular past history performance and specific examples of previous crashes and how you would have used the signalling system to detect the bottoms of these corrections. You are strongly advised to re-read this document front to back to prepare yourself for the next TroughFinder signal. In fact, we insist you re-read it.

Due to the interest among subscribers of a very rare McClellan divergence we are curren...
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Launch of Volume Breadth

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Thursday, August 27, 2009, In : New Research 
After months of extensive data mining and reworking our systems we are proud to announce another ground-breaking first for the SA investing public, namely the launch of detailed UP/DOWN Volume Market Breadth indicators and Lowry's 90% day indicators.

This extends the already powerful use we make of Advance/Decline data and coupled together provides with academically accepted high-accuracy for predicting market bottoms, reversals, strength of supply and demand and possible surges in the market....
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Improve performance with Sector Rotation

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Monday, July 20, 2009, In : New Research 
Just when you thought we had reached the limits of returns on our famous Market Timing models, we have released ground breaking research for the JSE that shows how simple cost effective sector rotation, through the use of ETF's can significantly boost the performance of your favourite market timing strategy whilst actually lowering your risk!

Sector Rotation invests in particular sectors of the market depending where you are in the Economic Businesss Cycle to enhance returns.

Since the SUPERMod...
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Probability of winning on JSE

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Thursday, May 14, 2009, In : New Research 
We have published new groundbreaking research on the probabilities of winning on the JSE. We took the last 50 years of ALSH data and made 12,588 hypothetical investments since 1960 for 1,2,3...10 year holding periods and calculated subsequent growths to produce a probability model for returns.

Makes for fascinating and entertaining reading. As our motto says "The JSE like you've never seen it before!"

The research is available from the RESEARCH main menu tab.
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Sell in May and go Away

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Monday, May 11, 2009, In : New Research 
We have completed in-depth research going back 20 years to validate this old Wall Street adage on the JSE. We also use the seasonality of monthly returns on the JSE to derive a mechanical investing strategy to beat the ALSH whilst significantly lowering risk and volatility. The strategy can be easily implemented by using an ETF instrument such as Satrix  as proxy for the ALSH. The research is available at the RESEARCH main menu
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Freshly Ground Fundamentals

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Monday, April 20, 2009, In : New Research 
We have published new never-before seen research that considers the effect of the age of fundamental data used in screens on strategy performance as well as guidance on the best months to use for creating or rebalancing your portfolios to enure only the freshest data is used for your investment descisions.

The research is available at the RESEARCH Main menu.
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Anatomy of a Crash

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Thursday, April 16, 2009, In : New Research 
We have completed a new piece of research titled "Anatomy of a Crash" that looks at the recent JSE crash and shows you how serious money can be made from crashes using a simple mechanical stock picking strategy. We know it doesnt help you now, but you never know when you need this piece of valuable strategy - and who says another little crash is not on the horizon?

We only wish we had this information during the crash instead of after it, but you can be assured that all of us here at PowerStoc...
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New long-term backtest available

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Wednesday, March 18, 2009, In : New Research 
We have finally completed a mammoth 3 month long project of  back-testing of the Piotroski strategy on the JSE.

We examined over 2,500 seperate financial reports over a 14 year period commencing 1994 to build this backtest, to deterimine if Piotroski is a suitable investing strategy for the JSE.

The results are quite stunning, with the winning Piotroski strategy delivering in excess of 40,000% returns (56% CAGR) over the 14 year test period. You can go view the research in the Piotroski Long-t...
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