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April 30th Updates

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Monday, May 4, 2009, In : Site changes 
The following major updates as at 30th April 2009 were posted today:

1. At the Piotroski Blog, we published a new JSE F-Score rankings table. We also published a new candidates list for shares with F>7 and Price/Book less than 1. 

2. Also at the Piotroski blog, the two Piotroski live model portfolios have had performance updates posted.

3. At the Magic Formula blog we have posted various live model portfolio performance updates for T40-5SH-MF1, T40-5SH-MF2, T40-5SH-MF3, MF-10SH-0, MF-10SH-1 and ...
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Update 10Mar09

Posted by PowerStocks Research on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, In : Site changes 
We have published an early update to the Piotroski Portfolio Candidates, due to the spate of recent results. Go to the Piotroski Strategy Blog for details.

We are now tracking a timed and untimed version of Piotroski to measure the effects of using the Share Timing Monitors to time your purchases. We have an initial analysis of the two strategies at the Piotroski Blog

We have opened the Zweig Investment Method project. There is a new stratgey page and blog page for Zweig

Site changes are ongoing...
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