Just when you thought we had reached the limits of returns on our famous Market Timing models, we have released ground breaking research for the JSE that shows how simple cost effective sector rotation, through the use of ETF's can significantly boost the performance of your favourite market timing strategy whilst actually lowering your risk!

Sector Rotation invests in particular sectors of the market depending where you are in the Economic Businesss Cycle to enhance returns.

Since the SUPERModel market Timing system knows with reasonable accuracy what stage of the Economic cycle we are currently in it makes sense for it to use this knowledge to invest in the shares/sectors that will perform the best and so enhance returns.

Our top Sector Rotating SuperModel Market Timed strategy delivered an astonishing 2,728% growth in the 11 years since 1998, versus the JSE's 222% growth, with HALF the risk and double the reward-to-risk ratio!

We have published this ground breaking research at the SUPERModel Market Timing main page, as part of premium subscriber content.