ShareTrader is a quantitative JSE share/ETF trading decision support system (DSS) for short-term traders, medium-term traders and long-term traders/investors. It consists of a suite of tools embedded in our JSE Share Watchlist (JSW) and allows for the automatic identification of which JSE shares are currently "ripe" for purchase, using our trough-reversal, trend reversal and breakout algorithms. Built-in money management suggests the proper trade size together with stops depending on trading capital available and various risk elements selected by the trader.Once a trade has been made, the system will also provide SELL signals based on various trade-horizons stop-thresholds set by the trader.

Using ShareTrader, a trader could accumulate portfolios of short, medium and long term trades of various sizes and execute a mechanical trading strategy regime throughout the course of time. Assuming a trader wishes to run a short-term trading portfolio of 10 shares, then he/she would accumulate shares over time as BUY signals become made available until 10 shares had been purchased. The purchases can be via straight equities or CFD's or SSF's.

When SELL signals are encountered in ShareTrader, the relevant share is sold and its vacant spot filled up with another opportunity that flashes a BUY signal. ShareTrader uses various proprietary as well as internationally recognized proven methods to issue BUY/SELL signals. You can read about it here.