PowerStocks Labs are pleased to announce the culmination of 6 months research in pursuit of a reliable, consistant and accurate medium term timing system for JSE entries and exits. While most of our successful investment timing strategies trade on average once per 12-18 months, SwissClock trades on average every 6 months.

SwissClock has some incredible pedigree, with only one trade in 22 over the last 10 years resulting in a small loss and exceptionally impresssive monthly, quarterly and yearly performance results.

SwissClock is currently our best performing ALSH INDEX timed trading strategy over the last decade, managing to even scrape profits by trading right trhough the great 2008 crash. Coupled with your favourite ETF, SwissClock makes for extremely simple and cost effective timed trading and as shown above could boost your ETF returns over time by a factor of 4-6 times

You can get access to the details about SwissClock at the Market Timing Strategies  page.