We are pleased to launch another first - JSE RiskCurves - which are probability models for individual shares on the JSE.The RiskCurves attempt to expose the personality of individual JSE shares for the investor by analysing its historical daily price data as far back as possible, right back to 1960 in some cases. We then create thousands of individual investments, one for each day of the shares' existance and track 1,3,6 month and 1,2,...10 year subsequent growth of these investments. We then use this data to create probability models of returns.

With RiskCurves, you can answer questions such as "Which are historically the least risky shares on the JSE's with the highest returns?", or "What are the historical chances of me losing money after 3 months or after 3 years if I invest in BHP Billiton?", or "I want to invest in SASOL but what holding period will give me an 80% historical probability of doubling my money?", or "I want to take a punt on SAB and want to know with 95% certainty what growth I can expect on my investment after 5 years.", or "What TOP-40 share has the highest probability of giving me at least 30% growth per annum?", or "I really like ANGLO but wonder what return can I expect after 2 years, and with what probability?" 

The possibilities with RiskCurves are endless. RiskCurves are available from the RESEARCH main menu.