We have launched a new service included in the basic subscription called the Seasonality Actuarial Tables and Charts (SATC) to offer finer granularity on the powerful effects of seasonal anomilies and trends on the JSE.

SATC-I includes months-of-the-year seasonality traits, and SATC-II will include days-of-the-week seasonality data. SATC data is updated monthly to enure recent trends are included in all statistics. This ensures early warning of changes in trends.
We are working on a new Short-Term Timing strategy to slot in-between SwingTrader and SwissClock which will exploit SATC data (among other things) in the near future, but besides this, monthly SATC data provides for very useful and interesting information for regular investing purposes.

You can read up on SATC in the HOW-TO menu or click here.