We are pleased to announce the culmination of 3 months research into a mechanical signalling system for marking major JSE market troughs (formed by a decline of 5% or more in the ALSH index). Using  daily market breadth data such as Advance/Declines and Up/Down Volume that reflect the psychologies of demand, selling pressure, panic and greed, we have derived an unsubjective mechanical system that called 22 major market bottoms in the last 10 years with 95% accuracy. Many of these troughs were called within 5 days of the actual bottom.

You can read more over here : The PowerStocks TroughFinder

Through The Weekly JSE Pulse (WJP) our subscribers also get minor signals for intermediate bottoms using the same TroughFinder system, that is also proving remarkably accurate, but which we have not industrialised and backtested yet.