We are pleased to announce the launch of one of our most sophisticated, versatile and powerful quantitative JSE timing signals, that caters for short, medium and long term investors alike. It has an 87.5% trade win-rate and a 16:1 win:loss ratio (16% gained for every 1% lost). The Breadth Impulse Trading Signal (BITS) is a boon for long term investors, short  and medium term traders alike, and places a tool normally reserved for sophisticated hedge fund managers into the hands of the JSE private investor. When this system fires a BUY signal, no subscriber should hesitate to allocate more capital to the market.

Specific versions of BITS have been designed for short term traders with trade lengths less than 40 days (BITS-ST) and for medium term traders with trade lengths less than 90 days (BITS-MT). These timing systems joins SwissClock, SwingTrader-II and Bullish Percentage Index (BPI) to round out our trading options. Using these trading systems in parallel offers the private investor unrivalled trading strategy diversification and market risk reduction. Each system has its own unique indicator raw material and characteristics but they all share one thing : robust back testing and calibration by PowerStocks Labs, meticulous research,  superbly crafted documentation and above all accuracy, reliability, consistency of performance and superb risk reduction.