Long-term performance of our JSE timing models

April 17, 2012
We have concluded a report on the 15 year performance of all our JSE Index timing models from January 1997 to April 2012. The report is available here.

Performance of our ALSI timing models

March 7, 2012
We have concluded a 3-year detailed performance review of all our JSE TOP40 timing models we maintain for clients, since this bull market commenced in March 2009. Most of these systems were developed before March and so this period serves as an excellent "out of sample" review of our mechancial timing models in a "live" customer environment.

The PDF document can be downloaded from the top of the MARKET TIMING menu or directly from here.
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Launch of RecessionAlert.com

March 5, 2012
We have launched our new global service focussed on tracking the U.S economy & recession probability/dating.
The new site is www.recessionalert.com

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U.S Recession views

January 4, 2012
We are pleased to have an article of ours regarding probabilities of U.S recession published on a prominent U.S Financial Advisors publication. You can read the article over here.
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New recession probability models

September 21, 2011
We are pleased to announce recession probability models for the SA and US economy. Using these models can give you early warning of economic stress or recessions and enable you to structure your stock market operations accordingly. You can read all about it over HERE.
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SwingTrader ULTRA BETA

May 17, 2011
SwingTrader ULTRA is the most sophisticated and powerful short-term trading system for the ALSI launched by us yet.

In May 2011 we launched a live BETA test program with 40 subscribers for the new SwingTrader ULTRA short-term trading system for the JSE TOP40 index (ALSI). Phase-2 will be another 20 intake scheduled for June 2011. ULTRA goes into production in August 2011.

To reserve a place for BETA2, email us.

You can read all about ULTRA over here.
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Zweig Breadth Impulse Launched

April 4, 2011
A powerful adaptation of our popular (but infrequently firing) BITS timers has been created using theory postulated by Martin Zweig in the 70's around "Zweig Breadth Thrusts" or ZBT's. One high-frequency trader and one very powerful long term investment timer have developed around this theory, which is available from a sub-menu in the BITS Timers section.
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Training videos available

September 28, 2010
We are pleased to release our first video tutorial, available from the new Video Tutorials page which is accessible from the HOW-TO main menu. The tutorial is an overview of our JSE Share Watchlist (JSW) program.
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JSE ShareTrader Launched

September 9, 2010
ShareTrader is a quantitative JSE share/ETF trading decision support system (DSS) for short-term traders, medium-term traders and long-term traders/investors. It consists of a suite of tools embedded in our JSE Share Watchlist (JSW) and allows for the automatic identification of which JSE shares are currently "ripe" for purchase, using our trough-reversal, trend reversal and breakout algorithms. Built-in money management suggests the proper trade size together with stops depending on trading ...
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JSE Share WatchList Launched

July 17, 2010
We are proud to introduce the JSE Share WatchList (JSW), a powerful quantitative visualisation tool for subscribers to see important share trends on the JSE such as reversals, unusual trade activity and volume, strength of trend, advance/decline data per JSE sector, relative strength rankings,liquidity rankings, Donchian breakouts and much more. JSW gets published with the regular JBAR reports and offers powerful sorting and filtering capability for the investor to narrow down individual shar...
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