We are extremely pleased to launch yet another extremely powerful analytical tool for investors and traders alike, namely breadth charts for JSE sub-sectors and indices. This brings the breadth analysis and high-confidence timing and risk reduction tools our subscribers have come to love for the ALSH index to its sub-sectors, to give you a complete edge in the markets.

By tracking breadth (advances, declines, up-volume and down-volume) for shares that comprise a specific index, exchange or sub-sector, investors can get an early heads-up of sectors that make trough reversals before the overall index. Our research has shown that ALSH trough reversals are always led by a particular sector of the JSE and this allows traders and investors to pick individual shares for an entry, sometimes before the JSE overall index has troughed!

A new SECTOR BREADTH sheet has been added to the JBAR report, which allows traders and investors to identify sector performances relative to each other from both a daily price and breadth perspective. In this fashion,sectors that are leading an overall ALSH trough reversal can be identified early through our proven breadth analysis techniques. Similarly, turning points in sectors that are underperforming whilst the ALSH is overperforming can be identified which allows investors to pile into value shares early.

For example, at the moment, the Construction and Materials index is down some 22% besides the recent JSE rally. Many large shares in this index are selling at considerable discount. By using sub-sector breadth analysis we can identify when this sector is making a "reversal of its fortunes" and give signal to investors and speculators alike when it is time to pile into bargains. This is especially important with the JSE now trading at 18.2 x P/E and seemingly offering "little value."

The next step for PowerStocks Labs is the porting of our robust and trusted breadth timing signals and risk reduction tools such as BITS, STORM, Big Dipper, Quantum and TroughFinder to individual sub-sectors of the JSE allowing our subscribers to time specific sectors as opposed to the overall ALSH index. This allows our subscribers earlier and more targeted strikes at the JSE, thus enhancing returns.

Breadth data is now published for the ALSH, ALEX and ALT-X indices. In addition we now cover Resources, Industrials, Financial Services, Retail, Food & Beverage, Technology, Listed Property and Construction & Materials sub-sectors. You can read about how to use the new sub-sector breadth analysis JBAR charts in Section 3 and section 4.2 of the "How to use JBAR" tutorial.