After many months of research we are excited to launch our Trend-following Market Timing for JSE sub-sectors. This allows our subscribers to trade and/or invest in various diversified markets and sectors in addition to using the powerful tools we have developed for the ALSH and Resources indices.

The sectors we have decided to launch with represent diversified markets with low correlations and counter-cyclicality with each other and the ALSH index to ensure continual diversified signals for our subscribers in any market conditions. Additionally they can be traded with easy and cost effective Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's). The sectors are GOLD, INDUSTRIALS, FINANCIALS, LISTED PROPERTY, CONSTRUCTION and GENERAL RETAIL. Together with the existing industrial-strength breadth-derived timing models for the TOP-40 and Resources index, this gives our subscribers 8 diversified markets to trade and invest with through our timing models. You can read about our new Sector Timing at the TIMING main menu.