PowerStocks Labs are pleased to introduce a new live model portfolio to the PowerStocks stable, dubbed "SM-BLU", that will be tracked live together with other market beating strategies on their web site.

This strategy combines two of our flagship cutting-edge investment strategies, namely our RiskCurves Actuarial Share Selection Strategy and our SUPERModel Composite Market Entry/Exit timing system, to produce a strategy that would have delivered an astounding 30% compound per annum in the 10 years since 1999.

This strategy combines the ALSH out-performance of the RiskCurves BLUECHIP index portfolio with the market beating returns and low risk profile of the SUPERModel Market timing system, to literally double the 10 year returns output of the SUPERModel strategy applied to a vanilla ALSH ETF. The monthly and yearly growth profile of the two strategies appears below:

BLU had a maximum monthly drawdown of only 7% versus the buy-and-hold's 40%. BUY+HOLD experienced 51 negative growth months versus BLU's 19. BLU's average monthly growth was 2.4% versus the JSE's 1.33% Overall, BLU would have been a much smoother and less nerve wracking ride to the top than the buy-and-hold strategy.