PowerStocks Labs are pleased to announce some enhancements to the SUPERModel Market Timing System, the most popularly followed JSE market timing system in South Africa.

1. Seasonality has now been incorporated into the BUY/SELL Signal line and associated scoring to represent bullish conditions depending on certain months of the year. With the new seasonality incorporated, the SUPERModel strategy increased its 31 year performance from 117,000% growth to an astonishing 210,000% growth whilst only increasing the number of trades from 10 to 30 and increasing vested time in the JSE from 47% to 65%. This compares to a JSE ALSH buy-and-hold return of only 7,663% over the same period.

Total Return curves for various SUPERModel strategies with and without seasonality are shown below for the last 11 years. The SUPERModel strategy with seasonality applied to the BLUECHIP portfolio delivered a staggering 6,264% return versus the ALSH's 223% Read how these strategies compare in terms of return/risk ratios etc over here.

2. Two new icons will now be placed on the SUPERModel Dashboard to notify investors of important conditions in the market that will effect returns. The first is a stopwatch to reflect if a SwissClock "TurboSignal" is present. This normally occurs when abnormal returns are expected due to an extremely deep McClellan trough that has just bottomed or when a SwissClock BUY signal is present together with all three of Trendex, Repo Rate and Econometric models. As our research has shown these periods all lead to abnormally high JSE returns (read about it here) The second icon will be a calendar to reflect that a seasonal "PowerMonth" is present which is contributing one bonus point to the SUPERModel signal line.

An out-of-date theoretical dashboard with the new icons in the top right hand corner are shown above. The dashboard is displayed on the Weekly JSE Pulse (WJP) page, for our paid subscribers only.