Given we are in a JSE contraction and in a TroughFinder-II A-signal period, we will be suspending the generation of candidate lists for our various individual share strategies until we have the required signals that the market has bottomed out of the current downtrend.

As experience in various of the model portfolios of all our strategies  has shown us, inception of portfolios at the wrong times can significantly impair short-medium term portfolio performance and we feel now is not the time to be encouraging subscribers to be taking new positions in the market, no matter how good a companies’ fundamentals are looking. The minute we have confirmation of a TroughFinder B or C signal or resumption of more “healthy” demand/supply and/or McClellan chart fundamentals we will compile candidate lists of all our strategies for entry into the market.

We feel candidate lists at a market trough are more useful to our subscribers than candidate lists when the whole market is in contraction. Until then we will be updating the JBAR reports on a daily basis (as opposed to every 2nd day) so that you can keep in tune with the major dynamics driving the JSE. These are available at the JBAR Cafe’ after 7pm each day.