Our Model Portfolios hold over 90 different shares on the JSE. TurboShares are shares that make an appearance in at least 3 of the strategies we track as Model Portfolios. The thinking is that these shares have high probabilities of overperformance due to their many appearances and they should make for a good portfolio as holding them exposes you to multiple strategies.

Since we last created the TurboShares portfolio we have added Model Portfolios for the RiskCurves BLUECHIP, Cornerstone Value's CSV-JUN09, PowerShares' new quarterly entrant PSA-JUN09 and our Peak-Trough Recovery strategy dubbed VT100-JUN09. The table below now shows the new TurboShares, their number of appearances as well as new entrants for the month of June.

We will be adding a new TurboShares Model Portfolio incorporating this expanded set of 10 shares, dubbed VT100-2 to join the original 6-share VT100 portfolio (all the blue shares above). You can create your own TurboShares portfolios directly from the list above. Either pick stocks with 4 or more appearances to give you 5 shares almost identical to VT100, or replicate VT100 by also including LON or replicate VT100-2 which is all 10 shares in the above list. We will publish the performance graph of VT100-2 after about a month.