We are pleased to introduce Turtle Trend Trading to our subscribers, to arm them with the tools required to capitalise on the 2nd phase of this bull market, where momentum and earnings will dominate.

We have tailored this incredible trading strategy for the JSE according to our principles of highly reliable systems that don't signal often but when they do you need to take notice. Turtle trader relies on price action only bringing welcome diversification to enhance our existing highly reliable breadth based timers.

There are now 7 industrial strength timers in the PowerStocks trading suite, all of them highly reliable and accurate. Although they are all infrequent signalling systems, they have been chosen due to their tackling the timing aspect from differing angles and their non-overlapping reliable signals which are now being generated at a rate of once per 3.5 weeks.
You can read about our new Turtle Trading System here or over at the TIMING main menu.