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The PowerStocks Investment Timing for Bull Markets (PITBULL) is a Market Entry/Exit Timing System developed by PowerStocks Labs for the generation of automatic BUY and SELL signals for the JSE ALSH and other indexes for medium to long term investors. It is a premium service offered to our subscribers only (not available to the public).

PITBULL leans on our research of the utilisation of Interest Rate Cycles coupled with JSE Seasonality, Market Momentum and leading economic indicators to produce BULLISH or BEARISH market scores at any point in time to assist with market entry and exit points. The main aim of PITBULL is to deliver growth to the investor during Bull markets whilst enabling him/her to avoid bear and/or sideways markets in order to significantly out-perform the JSE ALSH index on a risk adjusted return basis.

PITBULL Ver 3.0 (also known as the PowerStocks Composite SUPERModel) delivers a weekly score from -2 (very bearish) to +3 (very bullish) and apart from offering highly accurate market entry and exit signals, also offers guidance for investors on their portfolio cash/shares ratios to minimise their portfolio risk.

PITBULL Ver 3.0 has been back-tested on the JSE for 34 years to deliver 25% compound return per annum when run against the ALSH index, by only being vested in the JSE for a remarkable 48% of the time. The balance of the time funds were safely tucked away in fixed interest accounts or money markets whilst the JSE was going down or sideways. This effectively meant PITBULL Ver 3.0 delivered over 113,000% growth versus the JSE buy and hold strategies 8,000% growth. It did this by avoiding every bear market in the last 34 years. 

Although the investor can utilise PITBULL to decide when and how much to be trading in the share market, through deployment of individual shares or strategies, it is more suited being applied to investment in an index tracker ETF such as SATRIX40, SATRIX RESI etc. or a "BLUECHIP" index created by the investor themselves.

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