You can view our training videos from within this page by clicking on the large play button, or you can download the MP4 video files to your PC for later, more convenient or repeated viewing. Windows Media Player does not support MP4 without extra codecs, so we suggest you download a free video player that supports MP4 such as Final Media Player or Apple's QuickTime Player. If you have Apple iTunes on your PC, then you can use that to view the downloaded videos as well. You can also download a small, self-installing 6Mb free codec for Window Media player.

IMPORTANT : If you click on the play button to view video on this page, there will be a black screen for approximately 30sec while the video buffers before starting.

1. JSW Introduction (28 minutes).  Download link (60Mb file)

2. ShareTrader tools in JSW - Introduction (2min. 40 sec).  
Download link (16Mb file) 
3. Introducing PowerTrade (4min).  Download link (12Mb file) 

4. ShareTrader Detailed Tutorial (40min).  
Download link (75Mb file)   
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